Lets Go Hiking! - A Trip to World End State Park!

Three friends. No Plans. One car. And an a thirst for adventure! The Worlds End State Park was destined to be explored and enjoyed by the trio on this very day. The drive from center Philadelphia to the State Park is approximately 3.5 hours, which Sophorn somehow managed to drive to and from without any faults. Water, iPhone chargers, candy, bananas, and food/coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts were quickly acquired and consumed appropriately throughout the “road trip”, as music, laughs, and stories were shared.

The Worlds End State Park homes a plethora of trails and vistas, though with the help of a park ranger we got our choices down and decided to hike up the Butternut Trail! Hiking it wasn't so difficult, though I was constantly bothered by the bugs flying in and out of my ears. There were also times where the trail got exceptionally muddy or exceptionally rocky and extra precaution was necessary to ensure one's self, but otherwise the trail was smooth and easy to navigate.

Here's a playlist that Rosie and I put together for our enduring car ride to the north that features genres and vibes of all sorts that may or may not work together, but that was made in good spirits for a wonderful experience. (Thank you, Spotify!)


After our Butternut Trail hike we ran into the park ranger that recommend us to it, who then told us to check out the views of High Knob during sunset. We thought his recommendation for a bit as Butternut wasn't as exciting as he made it out to be, though we decided to follow his direction a second time and we were glad we did! The High Knob offered an expanse view of the State Park, showing an unreal hilly landscape glazed with the golden light of the sun. We spent an hour in awe of the sight and decided to leave our mark behind, if you ever visit you might be able to see what we did!