• SUIT UP! Birds Fly Together

    [PreOrder] 1-1.5 week to print. Introducing our Fly Hood! A hoodie with a simple font on the front with wings on the side of Hood so we can fly together on Broad Street! (ONLY 50 MADE). Now available for preorder online!

    *These are made here and printed by our friends at @bombardmentco

    *These are handmade and dyed in USA. The Colors might be slightly off.

    Instore Pickup Request: instore

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  • Fly Eagles Fly

    There’s a secret we did not want to share with you but unfortunately our very own @chris.orell22 is a “Niners Fan”. We tried to take care of it “Philly Style”but it didn’t work so I guess we have to show him the hard way, on the field later today! Let’s Go Birds!

    *Rick & @ibn_damnit are 100% “Real Eagles Fan”. Ky is a “Eagles Bandwagon Fan” lol.

    “Fly Eagles Fly”

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  • Verified on Instagram!

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  • Philadelphia Suns

    Thank you to the @PhiladelphiaSuns for performing the traditional lion and bringing good fortune and luck to the City! Hopefully, all the firecrackers and Lions were able to scare off all the bad spirits away, like the stadium! You know, I hear people use the word  “GOAT” very loosely! It seems like everyone is a “GOAT” for some reason! But @HarryLeong44 is the realist “GOAT” I know! He’s helped build and shape the Chinatown Community! A true leader for the youth and community! He is honestly the most important person in Chinatown! If you see him, make sure to Thank Him! He’s keeping the culture, the tradition alive! Follow our friends @PhiladelphiaSuns to see where the lion dances are this weekend! Happy Lunar New Year!

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  • Game On!

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