Next Phila. Magazine Issue!

Hot off the Press: Your favorite Cao Boys will on the next issue of Philadelphia Magazine

Short Article:
We started with … menswear store Abakus Takeout in Chinatown. Chinatown wasn’t known for retail, but we’re all about going against the grain. [Ky] Ps & Qs … represents streetwear culture, but it’s a more timeless brand. [Rick] Philly style 20 years ago was … Dickies, Timberland boots and big white t-shirts. Now, you can’t really pinpoint who’s from here, because we have so many different types of people. It’s amazing. [Rick] I always tell young men … to get yourself a nice top coat. If you’re wearing something bright, something long balances the craziness with more sophistication. [Rick] I love … old Will Smith. He was wild and didn’t care. The colors were great.


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