It all started from my childhood days of playing with Toys with letters marked on the bottom, “MADE IN CHINA”, written in English all the way to my favorite Air Jordans. This label was serious, there’s so many products made in China, I can’t count how many pair of socks with the USA flag printed on them that were made in China. Or how many customers that would come in the store and tell us they only wear products that are made here but they would have products on made elsewhere, I guess they didn’t know. Well, with Chinese New Year around the corner, we thought the perfect piece to celebrate the New Year of Boar with a small capsule made and printed in the USA with Made in USA written in Chinese Characters across the chest. It’s a new year! Our CNY Capsule is releasing on February 1, 12am online, 12pm in-store, 6pm is the CNY Party! 新年快乐