A hoagie is a bread roll sandwich piled high with deli meats, cheese, fixings and whatever you want on it! Growing up in South Philly, a hoagie was a classic sandwich, like a P&J sandwich. It wasn’t until I went to New York where I realized a hoagie was a Philly thang! Everyone else calls it a “sub”! What a crazy world we live in! Here are some hoagie spots we’ve visited in South Philly! @original.riccis.hoagies is hand down our personal favorite spot! You can see Rick in this video, he pretty much stopped talking once the paper came off. Since we are half Vietnamese, we want to introduce you guys to favorite Viet hoagie spot in Philly, Cafe Cuong located 811 S. 8th St. We’ve been here since we were kids! Always classic, always good, the brothers are taking over the business! And last but not least, Philly’s fried hoagie spot, @zoagies ! We were not ready for the Zochness Monster Zoagie! That zoagie was massive and good!

Again, we’re NOT food bloggers! Just two Philly kids enjoying some good Philly Food!