When Ubiq was sold to Atmos it didn’t hit me, when Atmos was sold to Footlocker, it didn’t hit me, but when Atmos “Footlocker” decided to close all of it’s NA stores, well that hit me! I was sick to my stomach when I heard it yesterday. Some would say they were our competitors, I would say we were allies. We collaborated on a collection with @lapstoneandhammer, the “Bermuda Project” as well as @barbacoachef . We had a lot of outside history together. We weren’t the best of friends but there was a mutual respect! We were creating something for this city!

Ubiq/Abakus, Ubiq/Ps&Qs, Atmos/Ps&Qs! We had our community, they had their community, we had shared community! Now the thought of you gone feels wrong. I remember buying “ALL” my basketball sneaks at UBIQ Gallery, to copping my runners on Walnut when I was a Drexel Student. Thank you for all the years, thank you for what you’ve done for the community, for the city! To John Lee, and his family, and his team, Thank You for everything! We wish everyone that was a part of the UBIQ, Atmos crew the best of luck. BIG BIG Thanks to those that worked the storefront because you guys were the heart of the store!