Hanging Out with Richie Roxas!

For this Sunday's Blog Post we shot a short film on a very interesting person who we can call a good friend. That person is Richie Roxas, though you may know him by his Instagram username, @newbalance365. Richie has been collecting New Balance sneakers (and other brands of sneakers) for 20+ years and has gathered quite an impressive collection of rarities and oddities. For our film we wanted to focus on some of the weirder sneakers, such as the "M's" - a sneaker designed to look like the New Balance 1300 that sports an "M" logo in the place that should have New Balance's "N" logo. We convinced ourselves that this unconventional approach to filming sneaker would be far more entertaining than just talking about the most expensive or the oldest pair in possession.

We also got the chance to graze the surfaces of two other big topics: Music and Movies! In our short film Richie goes on to talk about some of his favorite movies and the satisfaction that he gets from music. Get a chance to hang out with Richie!