Shofuso - Japanese House and Gardens

The experience of Shofuso Japanese House and Garden felt like an introduction to world unfamiliar and distant, though is located right here in our home of Philadelphia! We were welcomed by a calm and harmonious atmosphere that filled all of the air for a nice, warm welcome. The architect Junzo Yoshimura designed the housing using the style known as Shoin-zukuri that dates back to 16th century! Peering through the main living quarters, we noticed decorative sliding doors that were installed by Internationally-acclaimed ninon-ga painter, Hiroshi Senju, one of Japan’s most revered contemporary artists! Take a look at our trip below!


We had to finish the day off with a delicious bowl of ramen from the awesome Hiro Ramen, located at: 1102 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Saeed ordered the Hiro's Inch Of Heaven (Berkshire pork and homemade soy sauce broth, pork belly, egg, bean sprout, bamboo scallion and nori) and Sophorn went with the El Portofilio (named after everyone's favorite ramen master portfilio, premium chicken and berkshire broth, chili oil, pork belly, bean sprout, naruto, corn, lemon and crushed garlic and scallion).