Why we choose Local Love.

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, and growing up in the City of Brotherly Love was nothing short of amazing. After years and countless stories, my childhood, in particular, comes to mind when thinking of my richest experiences, the reason Philly is forever engrained in my heart.

The latest Ps & Qs collection is inspired by those memories, by my childhood in Philly, with an emphasis our love for local businesses.

 Myself, my brother Rick, and Saeed, are integral to the shop's success, as well as proud Philadelphians – Rick and I grew up in South Philly, Saeed grew up down North. Despite differences in our respective neighborhoods and upbringings, we share a lot of common stories, like developing our first love for cheesesteaks from our local bodega/corner store and not from big name restaurants.

This collection is an homage to local businesses for the roles they play in our everyday lives! We hope see all our friends & family at the shop this Friday (March 16) at 6pm for the release of our collection.