Why Donate to CAPA H.S.?

Back in the day, the Philadelphia Streetwear scene was strong and very independent! The culture, the community was loved but also separated. When Abakus first opened in 2008, there were other great shops that was part of the movement: Wthn, PEDX, Made to Order, Deep Sleep, UBIQ, and Afficial. A few shops welcomed us, a few didn’t. Years later most of these shops are gone, including Abakus. Streetwear has taken a weird turn in Philly and brands are sold in bigger box stores! Leaving shop owners to rethink their concept and strategy.

There are still a few shops still standing! Us, UBIQ, and Lapstone & Hammer holding it down for our City! We are proud to be working with @ubiqlife and @lapstoneandhammer for a good cause! The P.S. Bermuda Triangle Project is our first project together and we are donating 100% of the proceeds to CAPA H.S. Too many Good Public schools have been closing in the past few years. Hopefully CAPA will be here forever!

Why CAPA H.S.? Being born and raised in Philly, I started in the public-school program and then transfer to a private school, then back to public. I’ve appreciated the higher learning in the private schools of Philadelphia, but I was not comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until I attended CAPA H.S., a school full of young creatives, where I was finally able to be myself.

We wanted to donate to CAPA H.S. because we believe in all the creative minds that will help shape our City, our Home! 


There are still a few shirts left from the P.S. Bermuda Triangle Project. Please check them out and take part in the cause!