Rick & I grew up in South Philadelphia, right behind the carwash on Broad street. Our parents were never around because they were always working, trying to provide a better future for us so let’s just say Rick & I got a way with a lot of stuff. I’m sure our older siblings can tell you! Rick & I never learned how to swim, we use to call it the “Can’t Swim Club”! But we would never let people know, it was our secret! We would always find a way to finesse the art of fake swimming! From hanging on the edge of an over crowded public pool at the deep end to crabs bitting our toes, stopping us from a full Breaststroke. That didn’t stop us from swimming! Just because we can’t swim, it didn’t stop us from trying! *Please enjoy this video made by @@kevinthebadguy.cr2 as we take you down memory lane! P’s&Q’s Summer 2023 Collection: Can’t Swim Club Release: May 6th 2023