Turning Point for Abakus

Abakus Takeout 2011 Fall Collection was the turning point for our brand! Not only was it the most successful drop, it became the changing point where we focused more on us as brand. We noticed a lot of the brands we were carrying were heading to the big box stores, making Abakus seem like it was just another shop. Our best sellers were now available everywhere and our second line-up of brands couldn’t replace them. So we decided to go ALL in on this collection and was hoping for the best! Our bank was low, our credit card bills were high, but this was a risk we were willing to take, but not alone!
We gathered all our friends together to help us launch this collection, For those that didn’t make the grade. A collection inspired by the "Ancient 8". We had our good friend @lordngos modeling, @carinasama as the shooter, @willngo with the cinema, Rick was directing with @fu2tang and @damn_b and I styling the pieces together. Leaving my little cousins, @jay.s.pee and @phatphu_running the shop! It’s a collection we still talk about today. It was the perfect tee to reprint during this lockdown! Thank you everyone that voted for this shirt, thank you everyone that supported this design one more time!
I always love going down memory lane! Philly has some great history!