We are excited to announce our collaboration with @capheroaster for @12plus !

We’ve been big fans of @capheroaster for a few years now and honestly this conversation for this collaboration started nearly a year ago. Rick & I had a chance to talk to Thu and Tina about their story with Caphe Roaster! We hope you enjoy this video that @kevinthebadguy.cr2 helped us put together! 

Our T-Shirt with Caphe Roaster releases this Thursday (3.9.23) at 11am for [PREORDER]! This preorder will live for only 24 hours on www.psandqs.com .

Please allow us 2-3 weeks make and print the shirts! All the sales will be donated to @12plus . 


Gone are the days when it's sufficient to conclude one's education in 12th grade. Due to the growing need for a college degree or vocational training in almost every occupation in today's job market, students who lack any post-secondary education face greater difficulty in securing jobs while their lifetime earning potential falls far below the expectations of individuals who have pursued higher learning. This has particular ramifications on those from under-served neighborhoods.