“Southern Hospitality” is mother fu*kin’ real! @fu2tang and I had the luxury of experiencing it first hand on our trip to the Eagles game last week!  Just an example, Fu & I literally had a 1 minute conversation with some guy at a Pho restaurant and he ended up paying for our entire meal (pic #2).  Another example, we waited for an hour for some breakfast and the lady in front of us found out we were in Philly and she pretty much asked the entire line to see where we should eat while in Houston, but unfortunately for her half the line was from Philly! But she was just so sweet! We Loved our trip!

The people were amazing, the food was absolute, the streetwear community was strong!

I had a chance to check out a handful of streetwear shops there and honestly, it was nothing but love! Had the chance to checkout: @properlbc , @maniere_usa , @premiumgoodshtx , @thesocialstatus , @spacevillage

All beautiful and amazing shops! But it was @properlbc that hit home for me! I had a chance to speak with Andrew and he made me feel like I was at home! Proper reminds a lot of P’s&Q’s from the family welcoming vibes and to their love for their community!