Thank You 2018!

Hello TwoThousand19,

Every end has a new beginning but yesterday was unforgettable. Not even Henny can erase these good memories. From collaborating with our brothers: @onlyny, @carrotsbyanwarcarrots, @rarepanther, to our special smu with @chinatownmarket. Or the time our friends from @thehundreds came down to launch their Rocky collection with US. With @joncontino doing a book signing at our shop was the cherry on top for 2018! And every year our brand is growing. All this fun and creative work done by this small family called @psqsshop. We don’t have anything planned for 2019 so we decided to enter the new year blind folded and see what happens. Until then.

Goodbye 2018 and thank you for the goodtimes!

Love always,

Ky + The Ps&Qs Family

Also, special thanks to @Kevinthebadguy.cr2 for helping us with a lot of the visual in the past couple of months, including this slamming Photo!

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