P's&Q's -x- WOD

We've been friends with the guys @workingondying since the Abakus Days. So this project is long overdue! It took us some time but we're finally here! We recreated the Ghost that represents @workingondying and added our logo behind it. Here's a closer look at our collab with #workingondying with these smoked photos! 
Some details about this drop:
 We have a Meet & Greet with @workingondying on Tuesday (5.4.) from 5-7pm. First come First Serve. We are only allowing a few people in at a time for a few minutes due to COVID. We will create a line system outside to ensure safety.
Our Collaboration T-Shirt Drops in-store First on Tuesday at 12pm and then online at 12AM Wednesday. 
Until then, Keep Working on Dying.