PS&QS x UBIQ x BARBACOA for the Fight!

Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

A verse you may recognize from Jay Z back in 2007 but for me, it was a comment from a UBIQ worker years ago. 

I remember that conversation on the growing movement of streetwear stores in Philly and the sales associate at the time said, it’s like what they say “Grand Opening, Grand Closing.”  This was a few months before the opening of Abakus Takeout, Chinatown.  Never let one person’s comment change your feelings or persuade your mind.  Ignoring certain people is one of my skillset! UBIQ is important to our city, something I’ve learned later because without Ubiq, there will be no Abakus, there’s no Goliath without David,  No Shaq without Kobe, No Ben without Bobby

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. UBIQ has grown tremendously in the years and is internationally known, putting Philly on the map. PS&QS is locally loved and strive to spread Philly culture.I am proud to announce that we are joining forces with UBIQ on a capsule collection called Sanctuary City.  Philadelphia, known as the City of Brotherly Love, became a Sanctuary City in 2014. This means Philadelphia doesn’t get involved with the national government’s immigration policies. Philadelphia upholds the American value of treating ALL people equally and fairly, regardless of where they're from. 

Working along with South Philly Barbacoa and their fight for immigration rights! Ps&Qs and Ubiq will be  donating 100% Profit to the fight!  

It’s more than a donation to us, it’s making a difference! 

This collection will be releasing around the Made in America Festival! 

Come and join the fight!