Ps&Qs-x-Suns: The People Tee

COVID-19 has been an impact felt World Wide. As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases started to rise, it also started uncovering Anti-Asian Racism. With all my years in the streetwear community I try my best to not get involve with politics, religion, and negative news on our platform. But enough, is enough, I think it’s time I do my part as an Asian American to step in and take a stand! We need to stop the hate and work together to beat this virus! Fight The Virus Not the People!
The fear and racism has shutdown Chinatown but that hasn’t stop the Philadelphia Suns from the protecting the community!
We’ve  teamed up with Harry Leong from The Philadelphia Suns to help spread the message with a T-Shirt Design we’re releasing this Wednesday at 11am. Pre-Order will only be up for 48 hours, first come, first serve! Help Spread the message! 25% of the profit will be donated to the Philadelphia Suns, who has been a big part of the Philadelphia Chinatown Community and one of the reasons Abakus was around for so long!
Pre-Order Starts this Wednesday at 11am! Remember the Order will only be up for 48 hours.