Ps&Qs Spring 2020 Coming Soon!

There’s a lot going on with the shop! The P’s & Q’s Brand is growing every year! Going seven years strong! January and February are the slowest months in retail, the calm after the holiday storm! Everyone is waiting for Spring! This year, for Spring, we’ve team up with friends and family to properly promote this collection of Love! To start off, we teamed up @joncontino with some designs for Paty, Please And Thank You Collection, a collection designed to spread Love the P’s & Q’s Way!  One Love, One Sex, One T, Together.  
We will start spreading the word soon! We have a lot of friends and family helping on this Spring Project! @Sofanap creating the first 2020 Look Book for us! @No.1special with some behind the scene video! Models, modeling in the cold in a tee: @fran_e_pac - @jcbeckford - @armaniblanco . 
We also have friends in Hawaii like @minadelphia to @shexshe in LA spreading the word worldwide! 
Putting this project with friends and family is the true definition of this collection.
Stay tune for more!