P's & Q's Needs Your Support!

Closing 2019 with uniting Philadelphia StreetWear Communities was special!  It was an amazing experience teaming up with @ubiqlife and @lapstoneandhammer on the Bermuda Triangle. The perfect first project for Philadelphia StreetWear to unite! And working with shops like @commonground12, @suplexphiladelphia, and @nocturnalskate with an open heart to new beginnings for shops in Philly working together! Walking the streets of Philadelphia and seeing all the shops closed is a hard reality to accept. Trying to clear my mind because going to an empty shop every morning has been hard. P’s & Q’s has been struggling,  we can use your support.

With that said, we’re going to launch a online sale tonight at 8pm! 40% OFF ALL Apparel! We appreciate the support!

Also shop local online and help keep the community Philly StreetWear Community Strong!