P.S. Bermuda 🔼 Triangle Project

Ever since 2009, we’ve always celebrated the shop's anniversary. From our Abakus days to P’s & Q’s! Each year there were dope concepts that would tie into that particular year and time. But this year we decided not to celebrate our 7 years with any concept such as the 7 wonders, the 7 seas, or the 7 colors in the rainbow. This year we wanted to celebrate the hardship of ALL brick and mortar streetwear stores in Philly! As long as we’ve been part of the streetwear culture there was never a time where the stores worked together. We all wanted to represent Philly, and collaborate with other brands to set ground for our city! But this year we all decided to work together and celebrate our being! Ubiq, Laptsone & Hammer, and Ps&Qs have come together to create a Philadelphia Streetwear Collection called the "P.S. Bermuda Triangle". This collection is created according to where we are mapped in Philly: Walnut, Chestnut, and South Street. Each shop has designed their version of the P.S. Bermuda Triangle Shirt in two different colors, only 50 shirts of each color is made! But we decided that each shop will design one in white and it will only be sold at Ps&Qs. 100% of the proceeds from the white design will be donated to CAPA High School! This is just the first series of stores working together! Together we’re stronger. Together we’re making history! Release Date: 10.12.19 IN-STORE ONLY Retail: $40 White Tees: 100% Donated to CAPA H.S. #PSBERMUDATRIANGLEPROJECT