10 Years later, OG MA (Lam She) is still running the reselling game in New York Chinatown! OG MA’s story of being in Ctown reminded me a lot of our story at Abakus Takeout!  Because our store was located in Chinatown, people thought everything was fake! But once they came into the store they knew everything was 100% real and they fell in love with the shop, the people, and the community! 
OG MA is a true OG in the Game, the mother of the resale game!  She came to America in 92’, found her love for Supreme in 98’, and then Unique Hype was born! 
If you’re in New York, stop by Chinatown and support OG MA! 
HELLO: Unique Hype, Unique Hype 2.0, Unique Hype HK!