LA Culture. Beautifully Sunny, Palm Trees, Movie, Music, food, and more. What is on my list when I visit LA? Simple answer, there’s two things that’s always on top of list! Visit two of my favorite shops: @thehundreds shop and @stussyla !

My @stussy story, I feel in Love with Streetwear when I first discovered my Stussy Crown tee on South Street in 1993 and I’m counting to wear forever, and hopefully my kids will do the same! I’ve been to a few Stussy shops: LA, Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and my journey countinues!

And with @thehundreds , they were there at the beginning of our streetwear life! From Abakus to Ps&Qs! From my visit at Rosewood and taking shots with the guys there to having my kids play chess in The Hundreds new location on Fairfax! To me, shops like @thehundred is more than a shop, it’s a community! Shops like The Hundreds is a staple to street culture LA! Having them featured on Time, only means they’re “timeless”! Every visit at The Hundred is a new experience, a new story! As long as this shop will be open, we will always carry The Hundreds and Stussy. See you soon Cali!