Help Save P's&Q's!

P’s & Q’s was denied the COVID-19 Relief Grants & Loans. But this was nothing new to us. It’s time we take matters into our own hands and ask the community to help us at this time of need. There are studies showing the impact on small business and how many will not make it through this pandemic. Maybe that’s why small businesses like Shake Shack was granted $10 million dollars and not us. But we’re truly thankful that Shake Shack has returned the full amount since 90% of their business is still operating. Maybe we can catch something on the second wave of PPP but until then, we will prepare for the worst in hopes for the best! With the shop being closed for almost two months, it might not seem like a lot but in the retail world it’s been heavy on us, we’ve invested and paid for the all the Spring Goods just to have our shop to be closed. Leaving us in a bit of a panic mode! We are trying our best to survive this lock-down! With that said, we’re releasing a Save P’s & Q’s Tee for pre-order. Help keep us growing with the community!  We need your help!
Shirts are now available online for purchase. Please keep in mind, pre-order takes 2-3 weeks delivery time. 
As always, we appreciate your support!