We just wanted to Thank You for the amazing 20 Years, even though we’ve only carried The Hundreds for 15! You guys have always been there, from Abakus to Ps&Qs! I will always remember my routine at Abakus, I would clean and set up the shop before unlocking the doors and when I’m done all that, I would sit in the “duck room” and turn on the computer to check out Bobby’s Blog on The Hundreds website. I’ve always enjoyed their content and stories more than any other site. The way they told their stories was beautifully done and it always made us feel as if we're a part of the journey! Bringing the culture together through the internet! When we opened P’s&Q’s they did three events at our shop, connected us with @aaronkai and more! We can’t thank The Hundreds enough! You can’t tell our story without talking about The Hundreds! P’s&Q’s is reaching its 11th year and The Hundreds is at their 20th! To commemorate, we will drink some Henny in celebration of their 20TH Anniversary!


Ky + Rick

P.S. Thanks for these awesome pants! The guys at the shop tried to style us and then decided to join us!

P.S.S. @Thehundreds always had the best sales reps! Much love to @joshgipson_ ,  @dmfjonez , and the Legend himself: Scotty iLL