P’s&Q’s has always been about story telling. Here’s our story on the Lunar Project this year! We’ve been releasing a Lunar piece every year since our #Abakus days. This will be our second round with creating a design for the Year of the Rabbit but this time it’s the “Year of the Water Rabbit!  A special element that landed and matches a certain greatness, Michael Jordan. 

MJ was born in 1963, the Year of the Water Rabbit! A Water Rabbit comes once in a 60-year cycle. Here we are today, the year of ’23! I feel like the stars have aligned and the only way to celebrate the “Greatest” of All Time is to have a piece dedicated to him for changing the game! This Collection was modeled by our very good friend @b_a_s_i_c_8_7 and shot by Rick’s Best Friend @ptap


The “Greatest” Capsule is available on 1/22/23 — Lunar New Year Day— at 12AM: ONLINE, 12PM: INSTORE