Details on our Late Summer Drop!

Attention to detail makes a difference! Here’s a short breakdown for our Best Collection.  This capsule represents what we think Philly is Best known for: Wooder Ice, Pretzels, and Cheesesteaks. 
Cheesesteak Tee: 
Is a play on a West Coast Fast Food Chain because we all couldn’t agree on a spot in Philly! Talking about the best Cheesesteak spot is like talking about politics--Everyone has an opinion. 
How to order a Philly Steak: Wit or Witout onions. A cheesesteak is a taste of home to us! 
“Not worth your time” is something we hear about on South Street all the time lol. South Street is a big melting pot of people and random shops but what we all have in common is that we don't take what people say to heart. 
Wooder Ice: 
When the heat & humidity grips the East we like a nice cold Wooder Ice to cool us down.  The Back of the Wooder Ice tee displays the flavors in a rainbow. The Hazard stripes warn you how cold Wooder Ice can get! We also added another amazing quote by Ben Franklin, "Eat to Live, not live to eat". This font is a play on one of favorite Wooder Ice Franchise!
Pretzel: The Front Pretzel has the letters P Q inside the logo.  We’ve been serving our community since 2012, thats where the signature line is from. On the back of the shirt is play on the Morton salt girl. We replaced her with Benjamin Franklin holding his kite. Take risks in life so “Don’t be Salty.
The details make these designs. 
For the love of @psqsshop, a living dream.