Changing for the Better!

Hey Guys,

I had an opportunity to shoot with @gilesclement a few days ago and I felt like this picture was the perfect visual for this post!

It’s been sometime nowhere since I last saw you! It’s been sometime since we last shook hands. Pains my heart not to see you! The shop has always been a place of it’s community. The shop is physically still here but more empty than ever. With this pandemic, comes change, will we ever be the same again? It’s hard to think straight with so much uncertainty. My family and friends all know how much time and heart I put into P’s & Q’s. I even have family that wants to to close the shop for good because of the weight and stress it brings me. Maybe there were more bad days than good, but the good ones last forever!

With the community being an essential part of our business, it was always store first, online second. It’s been a challenge adjusting to doing just strictly online business. But maybe it ’s for the better, this lockdown has taught me a lot about us, a lot about Ps&Qs as a brand.

Going forward, we’ve decided to commit the first rack in our store to only Philly Brands! We need to be more involved with our community to help build Philly for the streetwear culture. So starting today, who wants to be in Ps&Qs! Our space is limited and it has to be a good fit with us! It’s time to make a change.

Fight For Our Future!