Asian Pacific American Month: Philly Creatives

In homage of Asian Pacific American Month, we would like to highlight just some of the Asian Creatives of the Philadelphia streetwear culture.

To those that inspired us in the past, present, and future. From Abakus to Ps&Qs, from yesterday for tomorrow! Please meet and get to know some of these Asian Creatives that helped shape Philly Streetwear:


Justin- @eltoro215 / Designer & Illustrator 

Kaitlin Chow- @kchowstudios / Artist & Muralist

John Lee - @garrixonstudio / Founder of Ubiq. KicksUSA, & Garrixons

Marissa Le - @yolo_ono / Digital Director of Atmos & DJ

Richie Roxas - @newbalance365 / World Renowned New Balance Collector

Chris Cao - @caowabunga / Art Director of DTLR

Catzie Vilayphonh -  @catzuella / Artist & Founder of Laos in the House

Rick Cao - @psandqsbrand / Cofounder of Ps&Qs and Le Viet

Ky Cao - @kyncao / Cofounder of Ps&Qs


These Collective group of Asians will always have Philly’s back—will you have our’s??