Editorial Guide: Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are our best friends in the autumn and winter! You can wear them over shirts and sweatshirts in the cooler autumn months, and then wear them under your heavy jacket in the winter. We're such believers in the style that we introduced new styles of it to the shop this year from three different brands: Penfield, Topo Designs, and Patagonia. Look below to see our editorial guide on fleece jackets!  


Penfield is an outdoor clothing brand and private company that was established in Hudson, Massachusetts. Founded in 1975 by Harvey Gross, a New England native, the company has built a reputation for making down-filled jackets, fleece and outerwear.

Topo Designs

At Topo Designs they talk a lot about how things are made and why, about the value of creating versus consuming, and how to work with that tension. When making the decision of where to produce their designs, they talked about importing and making locally. While drawn to the ideas of making things in the US they also understand the importance of making things work. After research they were pleased to find that they could make things locally and even more, they could control quality at a closer level, they could drastically reduce minimums which gave them more flexibility and, if they were careful, they could bring things in at a price that didn’t reduce it to a luxury item. They're global citizens and enjoy things made all around the world, but they're very proud to be making and producing things in the country they call home!


"Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." is the mission statement of Patagonia. Staying true to their core values during thirty-plus years in business has helped them create a company they're proud to run and work for. Their focus on making the best products possible has brought them success in the marketplace!