Three Years!

 Today we celebrate our third year anniversary! We’ve been providing premium quality goods and services since October 13th, 2012! It has been a dream for us to open up a shop that represented something of significance. We wanted to create something that was meaningful and that could stand the test of time, and we think we found that with Ps & Qs. With such an amazing team and with such great supporters, anything can happen and everything is possible!

We’ve been performing the same opening routine since we’ve opened, very little has changed with our ritual in the three years we’ve been here. We cherish our mornings as we get a chance to prepare an awesome experience for those who come to visit us here on South Street. Everyday we want to make sure the shop is inviting, tidy, organized, and sensorily pleasing. We’ve been staying on our ps and qs, minding our manners in all aspects of life.

Here’s to three years!