Dragon Blood Backflow Dhoop Cones


Satya Dragon's Blood is an intense herbal and woody fragrance that is sourced from the Dragon's Blood Tree. It is said that Dragon's Blood is associated with the energies of Mars and can be used in spells of power and protection.Experience the quality of Satya SaiBaba incense in a backflow cone design. Made to burn in your backflow incense burners with a cascading effect, these cones last a long time and they are richly scented. Made with natural tree bark, resins and oils.Backflow incense cones are specially made with makko powder for a steady stream of smoke. They have a hollow center that allows the smoke to flow downwards and cascade like a waterfall.Details:Genuine Satya Sai Baba Dhoop Cones24 cones per pack. 

$ 5.99
$ 5.99
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