P's & Q's: Got Non' Tee

P's & Q's

Going into the retail business with no connections, not knowing anyone, we were pretty much nobodies opening a streetwear shop in Chinatown. There are other stores like us that have been in the game for a while that wanted to get that Nike Account. We had hopes that one day we would be official Nike Carriers! From Abakus to Ps&Qs, from 2008-Now! We’re still not Nike Carriers but this doesn’t stop our Love for the brand--we’re still Nike Heads! But this shirt we designed represents us never being able to get the Nike Account! The countless years of being rejected, the countless times of loosing a raffle to get a shoe lol. On the Back of the shirt, it represents the Got Non’ Raffle, with a Hermes Feet with no shoes, the God of Messenger sending us the message of “Got Non”.  

Again this shirt is not a diss on Nike, we love Nike, it’s a shirt that tells our story.  Got Non’ - ABAKUS-PS&QS

$ 40.00
$ 40.00
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