Maurizio Galimberti - Italyscapes


An anthological tour through Italy conducted by the Polaroid photographer. Maurizio Galimberti, known to everyone as the Polaroid photographer, is not merely a photographer but a photographer-painter in that he uses the medium to express himself, to convey emotions, allowing the pictures always to leave a door ajar for the imagination of those who see them. The Polaroid camera has accompanied Galimberti throughout his career. This book tells the story of a Grand Tour of Italy in over 300 images, a journey that Galimberti has made again recently, returning to the places dear to his heart and continuing and refining a line of research on which he embarked over twenty years ago. The very first photos that he took in the nineties have now been joined by previously unpublished ones from the last few years.

About the Author

Denis Curti is a photography critic, journalist, curator of exhibitions, and expert on the photography market. He is vice president of Forma Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, director of the Milan branch of the Contrasto Photo Agency, and since 2006 director of the photography and visual design master program at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. He teaches the photographic culture at several Italian universities like the Bocconi, the University of Milan, IULM, and Sacro Cuore.

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