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Author: Ian Bosak
Designer: Michael Houtz
Cover: Ian Loring Shiver

About the book

Bound To Please is a deep dive in to the international kink and BDSM forums on Craigslist, which have recently been banned by Congress. Bosak spent over 4 years becoming intimately familiar with these forums, pulling his favorite lines, and compiling them in to poems that are a perfect balance of honesty, warmth, and a little darkness.

From The Author

“Bound To Please is a collection and collage of the years of research and observation I’ve done into the international forums of Craigslist. These are their stories, their advice, their warnings, their insults, their praise, and above all else, their love, in bits and pieces.”

Each book is signed with a unique message written inside the back cover.

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78 pages
Perfect Bound
Printed in edition of 100
Printed by Conveyor Arts
ISBN: 978-0-9991563-0-8

$ 22.00
$ 22.00
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