Makr: Horizon Four Wallet


Two exterior pockets and two interior pockets. Rolled edge, hand sewn and edge painted. Full Horween Leather_ÌÎ_̴ÌâÌ_åÇ_. Wrap around panel hides logo and allows up to 4 cards per pocket.


3.5" 2.5" .25"


Established in 2005 in Winter Park, Florida, Makr focuses on creating functional, practical, and quality goods. They're not interested in taking short cuts; they'd rather take time creating the best product possible than to rush it. Beauty is another aspect that they focus on; they want their products to be beautiful as they are functional.
The process of designing, pattering, and sewing all takes place in house! Each item is carefully put together and loved throughout the entire process. They try their hardest to source their materials within the United States, but in-order to obtain a product that holds true to beautiful and quality they source some of their materials form help from Japan and Italy.

$ 60.00
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