T-Shirt Graphics, 2003-2020

The Hundreds

Product Detail

The first anthology in our history, the book features a collection of T-shirts and graphics with Bobby Hundreds walking you through the explanations and countless stories behind them.

Item: Hardcover Book
Cover Size: 8.75" x 10.75" 
Cover Details: 150gsm Linen paper + 1200gsm gray cardboard, 0C+0, Textured Leather Front Cover

Front page: “The Hundreds: T-shirt Graphics 2003-2020” foil stamped logo

Foil Stamped logos on Binding –

Back Cover: Wildfire Flag logo foil-stamped (silver foil stamp types on cover)
Inside Pages: 150gsm dull paper

Endsheets: 180gsm uncoated offset paper
Page Count: 221
Binding: Sewn Bound
Sleeve: 250gsm art paper gloss lamination

$ 80.00
$ 80.00
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