Philadelphia Bike Community with Max

What the hell! I know! I know! But let me explain!  This photo pays homage to the bike community in Philly! And my experience with the growth of the community from Abakus to Ps&Qs!

In honor of the Pretzel Tee, I wanted to share Philly’s Bike History. But before I can start, I need to tell you who @max.mundo is! He’s been a friend since the Abakus days!  Max was that kid who amazed me with raw talent and passion!  Max has always inspired me to live a more care-free life! He’s adventurous and always down to try new things and was always on the move!

But let’s get back to the bike community and let me share some memorable experiences!

The Midnight Pretzel Ride, where bikers would meet at the bottom of the Art Museum Stairs and fly through the streets of Philly, racing through the lights on Washington Ave to  finish off with a pretzel from the Pretzel Factory.  We had a few guys from Abakus that took part on the ride, including Max!

How about the Annual Naked Bike ride which will be held next month! Thousands of nudes and semi-nude cyclists would storm the streets with freedom! There we were all behind the counter at the shop of Ps&Qs and all of the sudden we’d see all these naked riders rollin’ down South St. including Max! 

That’s Max Ho! He’s still adventurous and always down to try new things and was always on the move!

Our Pretzel Tee has Ben holding a kite with Don’t be Salty above! We’re trying to tell people to take risks! 

Be Like Max!